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Hearing loss concerns us all

Good hearing, a prerequisite for speech and communication, is something we take for granted. Unfortunately, we don’t take good care of our most delicate sensory organ. About 15 per cent of the population – across all age groups – is hearing impaired, which gives great cause for concern in a society so driven by communication.

Hearing loss is invisible but has a far-reaching impact:
  • Lack of speech development in children
  • Loss of employment and social isolation in adults

However, effective methods for early detection, subsequent diagnostic procedures and therapy are already available today. Regrettably, social acceptance of this very common disability is low – with negative consequences for the hearing impaired. This is where the International Hearing Foundation comes in.

The International Hearing Foundation was established in Hannover in 2011. Its benefactors are the following companies: COCHLEAR Ltd., MED EL GmbH and Sonova Holding AG.