Good hearing – a basic prerequisite for communication

There is more to good hearing than is generally realised.

Hearing is crucial in our communication-driven society: without it, children can’t develop speech, and conversations, phone calls and modern-media-based communication are impossible. Hearing-impaired people are often isolated. The International Hearing Foundation promotes social awareness concerning good hearing.

Did you know that …
  • -fifteen per cent of the population has hearing loss that requires treatment?
  • out of every 1,000 children born, one has a congenital hearing disorder and another develops pronounced hearing loss that affects their speech acquisition and hence all educational and work-related opportunities?
  • the number of us with hearing loss increases sharply as we get older? From the age of 65, over half of the population is affected.
  • it is possible these days for hearing loss to be detected in sufficient time, diagnosed and (in many cases) effectively treated?