At the cutting edge – for your benefit

We know how important good hearing is for living a happy, self-sufficient life. That’s why we’re committed to international research projects.

Research topics include:
  • the connection between hearing loss and aging;
  • the development of new therapies;
  • the efficacy of present-day forms of intervention for the hearing impaired;
  • the world of work as it affects hearing-impaired children and adults.

The International Hearing Foundation develops recommendations for action and identifies research fields that are key to making progress: to improve early detection, diagnosis, therapy and prevention of hearing impairment.

For us, good hearing is more than a sensory function. We see it as a crucial part of one’s personality – which is why we do our very best to safeguard it.

For your health’s sake

The International Hearing Foundation, a non-profit organisation, is politically and commercially independent. The Foundation presents its work to a wide public at scientific conventions and events for those affected. With your support we can achieve the Foundation’s goals, as hearing loss concerns us all.